How To Choose A Good Indian Restaurant


Indian cuisine is hugely popular across the world.


Whether you love hot spicy curries or are happy with naan bread and chutnies, finding a good Indian restaurant adelaide can be the start of a great thing for you and your family.

Usually family-run, many good Indian restaurants have a whole list of regular customers who return time and time again.

Décor and Design

Don’t be put off by décor and design. Indian restaurants are focused on the food and to them it’s far more important to have a dish full of flavours than a room full of fancy chairs and napkins.

Always keep an open mind when visiting an Indian restaurant and don’t shy away from places that look less than fancy. If they’re packed full of people, it’s usually a better indication that they’re worth a try then if there’s art work on the walls.

Fresh Ingredients

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Indian Restaurant Adelaide

Although some ingredients found in curries may be frozen, the majority should be fresh – especially the vegetables.

Most good Indian restaurants have boxes of vegetables and bags of onions delivered outside their doors each morning as the focus of curries and breads such as naan is the freshness of them.

Indian Geography

North or South?

It’s fascinating to research the different cuisines that come from each part of India.

  • The type of food most people in the West associate with ‘Indian food’ is generally from the North of India and relates to curries based around meat, fish or vegetables.
  • In the South, the cuisine focuses around more dough based dishes – in particular the Dosa pancakes which have recently become popular outside of the country.


Many Indian restaurants set up where there is a demand from local people who know about good Indian food. Often, this can be in the kitchens at an Indian temple, in the back of a local Indian grocery store or some even start off in the downstairs of someone’s home.

Although many good Indian restaurants may be on the main high streets or in fancy city centres, don’t be afraid to search for them elsewhere. 

Often times a great indian restaurant will have the latest decor and even feature cool windows with custom window tinting options.

Other Diners

If you’re standing outside an Indian restaurant and can’t decide whether to go in, have a quick look at the other diners. Who is eating there? Large groups of Indian families is always an excellent sign.

Similarly, always ask around friends, colleagues and people in your neighbourhood for recommendations – Indian restaurants rarely advertise so word of mouth is crucial in discovering the best ones to go to. 

Ordering Indian Food


Any good Indian restaurant will help you with your order. If dishes are cooked fresh, there shouldn’t be a problem with adapting them to suit your specific tastes so always feel free to request something a little more or less spicy, or switch chicken with prawns or beef. We personally love the way Taj Tandoor make their Indian food in their Adelaide restaurant.

If you’re unsure of what to order, tell the waiting staff the type of thing you like and they should be able to recommend some dishes you may like.

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