Best Foods To Eat At An Indian Restaurant

Indian Food

Are you a beginner when it comes to Indian cuisine? Or perhaps you’re a big fan but want to branch out from your usual order and try something a little different.

The great thing is that Indian restaurants offer a vast range of different dishes – many of them ideal for sharing – so there’ll always be something delicious for you to enjoy.

Indian Food

Starting off when choosing what to eat at an Indian restaurant:

Many people think a simple plate of poppadoms is the best way to start any Indian meal. However, there are lots of other starters on offer you won’t want to miss out on. You can even try eating indian for breakfast adelaide!

Why not try one of the following?

  • Samosas: these pastries can be baked or fried and come in a triangular shape. They are generally filled with vegetables such as peas, potatoes and onions. Great for sharing, these are only lightly spiced so should suit everyone.
  • Chutney and Raita: Chutneys are usually either red or green depending on whether they’re made from tamarind or mint and coriander. They’re the perfect accompaniment to samosas, poppadoms or naan bread. Raita is another sauce – yoghurt based with spices such as cilantro, mint or cumin. Save your raita in case you need it to tone down spicy dishes to come!

The Main Event

If you’re keen on curries, there’s a whole world of them to explore. Here are some ideas:


The three most popular Indian curries are:

  1. Chicken Korma – ideal for those wanting a rich, buttery curry this is one of the most ordered dishes both in India and across the rest of the world in Indian restaurants.
  2. Rojan Josh – add your choice of prawns, chicken, beef to any rogan josh for a light, tomato based curry.
  3. Chana Masala– ‘chana’ are small garbanzo beans blended with chopped tomatoes, onions and spices. This is a great option for vegetarians.

Always check whether rice is included and if not, choose from pilau, plain, steamed or coconut rice.

If you’re not fussed by curries, there are always other Indian dishes to try– using meat, fish and vegetables. Why not try one of these alternative options?

  • Pakora: this is a tasty tempura like dish, usually battered vegetables but occasionally with chicken inside.
  • Tandoori Chicken: If you’re a fan of roasted chicken, you’ll love this dish – named after the ‘tandoor’ oven in which it’s created. The bright orange appearance of the chicken is down to the blend of spices (including paprika, turmeric and cayenne pepper) used in the recipe.
  • Saag Paneer: don’t be put off by the appearance of this. Creamed green vegetables with cubes of soft cheese is one of the most popular Indian dishes and full of flavour.


Chai Time

Indian desserts are always best enjoyed with tea. Chai Tea is one of the most popular types of tea and has grown hugely in popularity in recent years. Enjoy the strong spiced flavour with or without milk.

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