We are joyful, imperfect, AIP/Paleo enthusiasts. Many times, we have fallen off the wagon, only to pick ourselves up, steel our resolve, and start over again.

And again.

We wanted to create an indulgence our bodies would celebrate, rather than punish us for. Something that feels like a reward for the sacrifice of giving up our once loved dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts, and seeds. Here is our offering - the culmination of that intent and desire - sweet, salty, creamy caramels (and MARSHMALLOWS). It's the warmth of the sun when it feels like winter.

For all the sacrifices you make, it's worth it.



Our Sea Salted Caramels are made with five ingredients:Honey, Coconut Cream, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Oil, & Sea Salt. They are AIP/Paleo friendly and prepared in small batches in a commercial Paleo kitchen.


I follow the Autoimmune Protocol diet, are your caramels allowed?
Yes! Although, you know your body best. If you have difficulties with coconut or honey, then these will not be supportive for you.

Are your caramels made in a gluten free kitchen?
Yes! Our caramels are prepared and packaged in a commercial Paleo kitchen in Portland, Oregon.

What is the shelf life of your caramels?
Room temperature - 4 to 6 weeks
Refrigerator – 6 months
Freezer – 1 to 2 years (until the apocalypse?)

Caramels are soft and are sticking to the paper. Is that supposed to happen?
The chemistry of using honey and coconut oil is different from using corn syrup, refined sugar and butter. This makes our caramels more sensitive to warm temperatures. If you pop them into the fridge for 10-15 minutes, they will firm back up. Or you can scrape the caramel off with your teeth and lick the paper clean. No judgment.

Do you sell these in stores near me?
Currently, we are only selling in Portland, Oregon and online, but we are willing to expand as the desire grows. If you have a store in your area you’d like to see these in, please ask them to carry our product and point them to the wholesaler section of our website.

Cultured Caveman
8233 N. Denver
Portland, OR 97217

NewBrook Kitchen + Artisan Market
37 Saugatuck Avenue
Westport, CT 06880

One Stop Paleo Shop

Wild Mountain Paleo

Paleo By Maileo

What are the ingredients in your caramels?
Our Sea Salt Caramels consists of only five ingredients, coconut cream, coconut sugar, coconut oil, honey, and sea salt.

What are the nutritional facts for your caramels?